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The Homecoming series, by Orson Scott Card. Once again, Card is at his high level of writing. In this series, Earth has been blocked from the sun. Almost all humans die, but a few who live, journey light years away to the planet, Harmony. In the city of Bascilica, women have supreme power. It is called, "the city of women." But problems occur when Gaballufix attempts to murder Nafai's father. Gaballufix tries to turn the city to the "city of men." See this in volume 1 of the Homecoming series. In volume 2, Moozh, a army general, has decided to conquer Basilica. While Basilica is already in a state of civil war, Moozh "attacks." To find the rest of this, read Volume 2, The Call of Earth. In The Ships of Earth, volume 3, Nafai must journey to a far off abandoned city. There he will find spaceships to send him back to Earth. But murder is in the hearts of several companions. See What happens in The Ships of Earth.

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